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Create engaging, memorable campaigns to increase email opt-ins, audience data, and brand loyalty

When it comes to digital marketing, the volume of data you collect is directly related to the degree of interactivity in your campaign. More points of interaction translate to more detailed insights — but audiences need a reason to engage.

Mobile games and sweeps deliver that motivation, connecting a campaign’s business objectives with a fun brand experience for the end-user. Quick bursts of instant gratification (Google calls them “Micro-Moments”), give end-users a simple, low-cost incentive for interacting with your brand and sharing the experience with friends.

When executed correctly, the results can be dramatic. Gamified campaigns drive an average of 10% email opt-ins, and see post-click engagement rates that approach 95%.

And, because these games are built with HTML5, they can be inserted into any website, mobile app, or rich media ad unit.